Lupus Factors and Symptoms

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These are lupus factors and symptoms of lupus.


  • Genetic factor enhance the tendency to cause auto immune problems and auto immune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid immune trouble.
  • Some scientists believe, immune system in lupus is easily stimulated by external factor like virus. Sometimes lupus symptoms worsen when patients were exposed to sunlight.
  • Lot of medications is reported to become trigger to SLE. Most of these drugs are said stimulating the immune system.
  • Female hormone system is also associated with SLE. Hormone relationship with SLE however is still in study.
  • Genetic mutation that disrupts the ‘garbage disposal’ system inside the body is associated with the onset of SLE.


  • Red rashes or face discoloration. Usually shape like butterfly at nose and eyes area.
  • Joint swelling and ailment.
  • Fever without any cause.
  • Chest pain when taking a deep breath.
  • Gland becomes swollen.
  • Excessive fatigue ness.
  • Extraordinary hair loss (especially in over the head).
  • Hand or feet finger become blanched or purple coloured because of cold or pressure.
  • Sensitive to sun.
  • Low blood cell.
  • Depression, difficult to focus attention or having memory problem.
  • Mouth ulcer.
  • Convulsion without cause.
  • Mental problem.
  • Frequent miscarriage.
  • Kidney problem
    Resource: Malaysian SLE Association.

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