Reasons Why Man Have Lower Lifespan

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Menfolk not only experience unique health problems but they also tend to be suffering particular diseases. In comparison, women worldwide live longer than men. Among the cause include:

  • Smoking and drinking habits. Men usually smoke more and drink more alcohols than women, and in general they adopt an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Less medical relief. Men do not get medical relief as often as women in particular those related with sexual health issues.
  • Activities. By average, men prefer doing robust, life-threatening and dangerous activity more compared to women.
  • Stress. Additionally, often men often determine their status based on their job. These results men feel more stressful and neglect their emotion and resulting more problems in their professional career.
  • More arising stress. The mentioned pressures above would rise if it also gives effect to their personal life and relationship with their spouse.

So take care for your health lifestyles and emotional health.

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