Is It Migraine or Just a Headache?

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A lady with her hands on her forehead side, possibly because of a headache.
Migraine or headache?

Headache? Do not rush to assume it as a migraine and take the migraine painkiller. There are several categories of headache and what you experience does not necessarily to be a migraine.

To help you determine the headache you experience is regarded as migraine or just a normal headache, ask yourself the following questions:

1. When you experience headache, do you also experienced the pain down to abdominal area?

2. Do you often feel disturbed or glared by normal light when you have the headache?

3. Is the headache that you experience is making you to be unable to do things or crippling you for more than an hour during the three months lately?

If two out of the three questions are answered ‘yes’ then you are possibly suffers migraine. As further action, avoid taking foods and drinks that can become the cause of migraine such as alcoholic drinks or beverages, chocolate and cheese. For remedial purposes you can take medicine in proper dosage and get your doctor’s treatment if the migraine does not lessen.

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