Factors Which Increase the Risk of Osteoporosis

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Here are the factors which increase the risk of getting osteoporosis:

  • PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES which use optimum level of energy, e.g.: marathon athlete.
  • LACK OF EXERCISE AND CALCIUM DIET, the body will maintain bone density by following the individual physical activity. For those who exercise less, the body will not maintain high bone density although with adequate nutrient. Several researches showed that light exercise as aerobics, light weight lifting and resilience sport can keep or increase the bone mineral density (BMD) for menopause woman.
  • WOMEN, men have higher bone density than women and loosing just 0.3 percent of their bone’s density per year compared to 0.5 percent per annum for women.
  • ASIAN OR ASIAN’S MIXTURE, African’s have much higher bone density than European or Asian.
  • TOO THIN AND OWN SMALL BODY BONE FRAMEWORK, excess body weight protects from osteoporosis through the enhancement of body weight load or leptin hormone.
  • FAMILY HISTORY OF SUFFERING OSTEOPOROSIS, mother who has experienced hip crack resulting from osteoporosis makes her child risk getting osteoporosis to double.
  • EXPERIENCED OF CRACKED OR BROKEN BONES sometime during adult age.
  • SMOKING and too much alcohol intake.
  • IMPERFECT NUTRIENTS ABSORPTION FROM FOOD, nutrients not perfectly absorbed by the gastrointestinal system.
  • MENOPAUSE, women can lose up to four percent bone density each year for the period of the first five to 10 years after menopause. This could cause bone density loss by over 30 percent within 10 stated years.
  • LOW ESTROGEN HORMONE LEVEL, during menopause or after surgery to remove both ovaries.
  • AMENORRHEA, no menstruation among young women which causing low estrogen. Amenorrhea can happen to women who do extreme exercise to loose weight, or resulted from anorexia nervosa nutrition.
  • CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, joint and chronic liver disease.
  • HYPERTHYROIDISM, a disease where the parathyroid hormone produced excessively by thyroid gland or because of too much medicine intake containing thyroid hormone.
  • LACK OF VITAMIN D, which help body to absorb calcium. When vitamin D is low, body is not able to absorb the amount of calcium needed to prevent osteoporosis.
  • SOME DRUG INTAKE that causes osteoporosis such as heparin (to dilute blood).
  • EXPOSURE TO HEAVY METAL, exposure to cadmium and lead has been proved to cause bone density to decrease and leading to osteoporosis regardless of age and gender.
  • SOFT DRINK, some research claimed soft drink containing phosphoric acid may increase the risk of osteoporosis.
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