What Is Osteoporosis?

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Osteoporosis is a condition where the normal bone density decline, causing the bone to become fragile.

It contribute to a porous bone state making the bone like a span and fragile from the inside. The problem that happens to the bone make it weaken and causing the risk of fractured bone or crack.

Normal bones contain protein, callogen and calcium which make them strong. Bones that have osteoporosis could crack even by a light injury which normally does not cause bone fracture.

Fractures can be either in fracture (fractured hip) or compressed fractures on the spinal vertebrae.

The spinal vertebrae, hip and waist are those areas which are used to experience bone crack which probably could happened to other skeleton.

It is estimated that one of three women and one of 12 man aging more that 50 years old now are suffering osteoporosis worldwide. The cost of treatment for osteoporosis for the whole world for all age-stages also expected to increase to AS$131.5 billion near 2050. Apart from that, fractured hip incident in the whole world expected to shoot up by 240 percent for women and 310 percent for man near 2050.

Illustration of spinal column.Symptom

Osteoporosis does not have specific symptom unless bone fractures that happens easily.

Some osteoporosis fractures are hard to be traced to years, even the patient himself does not realize that he is having osteoporosis until he experience a painful bone fracture.

Fracture at the spinal vertebrae can cause extreme pain from back to side of the body. After a few years, spinal bone fracture can repeat and causing chronic back pain especially at the waist and hip.

The fracture which happens by normal is called minimum trauma fracture or stress fracture. Some osteoporosis patients can cause severe stress fracture when walking.

Hip fracture is usually happen because of falling. Among the osteoporosis sufferer, hip fracture could happen even by a light accident. Hip fracture is also hard to treat because of the severe bone quality.

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