Health Practice to Reduce the Risk of Disabled Baby

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A pregnant woman lay her hand on her pregnant belly with love sign in her hand.
Care for your pregnancy.
– photo by treyevan.

Disabled or not on the embryo you are carrying is undeniably God’s act, nevertheless one actually still can strive to avoid it. If you want a healthy pregnancy and perfect baby when delivering soon, there are few things that need to be done. It is good doing these things before you are planning your pregnancy till you are really pregnant.

Stop Smoking
Nowadays many women smoke. If you want to have healthy and perfect babies it is good to stop this practice. Smoking during pregnancy period would cause the baby you carry born underweight.

Eat Healthy Food
Eat menu of foods containing five kinds of primary food most needed by the body. Daily, you must take food like wheat, vegetable, milk, milk-containing products, meat and protein.

Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol and caffeine is two things that pregnant women need to be aware of. There is no safe alcohol or caffeine rate can be taken by women during gestation period. Drinks and food with caffeine like tea, coffee, soda and chocolate also should be lessened.

Doctor’s Advice
Do not take drugs without doctor’s prescription. Taking medications without advice of doctor with inaccurate dosage will endanger the baby in gestation.

Take Folic Acid
This nutrient is important to be taken by newly pregnant women. Study shows taking folic acid before pregnancy is able to lower the risk of baby born with brain and backbone marrow injury up to 80 percent.

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