Panic Disorder Criteria and Two Conditions of Panic Disorder

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A person is said to experience panic disorder if he or she has these criteria:

  • Panic attack that happens repeatedly unexpectedly
  • Takes at least a month to be in anxiety of possibility of getting the panic attack again
  • Feeling anxious about the bad effects that can arise because of the panic attack which brings to affect to or change of behavior.
  • The attack and disorder happens not caused by other mental illnesses, physical illnesses or effect of substances or drugs.

Two Conditions of Panic Disorder

Situational PD

Happens when the individual is at certain places such as supermarket, a crowded place or in a lift, with assumption that he or she may get panic attack when being at the certain place and assumes that it is hard to get help and to save her/himself if he/she gets the attack. In the end the individual will shun the place. This condition is also known as agoraphobia with panic attack.

Spontaneous PD

There are also individuals who get panic attack without reason. Panic attack happens spontaneously like when the person is shocked, recall past traumatic memories and so on. This condition is also known as spontaneous panic attack. There are people who get this panic attack during their sleep.

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