Teen Self Esteem – Know It and How to Build It

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What do self esteem means?

Self esteem is our way of seeing ourselves. This includes:

  • What we belief of our selves
  • What we think of our selves
  • What we feel of our selves

It is the way how we interact with ourselves and others. The components of self esteem include:

  • Physical appearance
  • Your view toward yourself and your view of others’ view towards you
  • Feeling of self worthiness and self confidence

Why do you have to have positive self esteem?

Positive self esteem enables you to:

  • Know and accept your body shape
  • Have self worth
  • Have self confident

How do you know that you have no self esteem?

Without good self esteem, you will become:

  • Ashamed about yourself
  • More dependent on your parents
  • Become unfriendly
  • Fear to establish a relationship
  • Like to lower yourself
  • Damage your own self. For example: smoking, taking medicine and reduce eating food outrageously

What would it be if you do nothing on this matter?

Doing nothing will:

  • Affect your self worthiness and self confidence.
  • Damage your social relationship.
  • Makes you feel sad.
  • Leads you to failure as an adult.

What are the ways to increase your self-esteem?

Do the followings:

  • Make a list of things that you like and dislike about yourself
  • Strengthen the things that you like and fix the things that you dislike about yourself
  • Make yourself to have positive thinking
  • Practice healthy lifestyle
  • Accept criticisms as useful comments

Where can you get helps?

You can get advices and helps from:

  • Your parent
  • Trusted family members
  • Counselor teacher
  • Religious teacher


Get expert help from:

  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
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