Health and Haze: Prevent Disease Resulted from Haze

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Prevent disease resulted from haze. Follow these advices:-

  • Those who experience diseases like cough, flu, asthma, sore eyes, heart disease or chronic lung diseases should go to the clinic immediately if the disease conditions worsen.
  • Those who are in high risk group should always take medicine as advised.
  • Nasal mask should be used by all motorcyclists, those who work outside building or in dusty places and those who are in the high risk group.
  • Smokers who have small child, old parents and diseased relatives must not smoke in the house.
  • The public are advice to stay inside their home and building as far as they can.
  • Lessen sports activity outside home.
  • Always wash their face and skin areas exposed to haze with clean water.
  • If your vehicle is air-conditioned, please use it.
  • Always drink a lot of water.
  • Smoker is advised not to smoke when air situation is unhealthy (API exceeded 100).
  • Those in high risk group are advised to take leave outside the hazy area if the hazy condition continues at a dangerous level at their area.

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