Risky Group During Haze and Symptoms Of Haze Effects

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Haze Threatens Your Health

Continuous hazy condition will bring bad effects to people especially high risk group which are:

  1. Children
  2. Old people
  3. Those who has
    • asthma
    • bronchitis
    • lung inflammation
    • chronic lung disease
    • heart problem
    • allergy
  4. Smokers
  5. Those who works outside of office or home.

What are Signs and Symptoms of Impact of Haze to Health

Effects will be experienced after exposed continuously to haze which include:

  • Itchiness in throat and coughing
  • Feeling hard to breath or breathing difficulty.
  • Eyes felt painful and tearing.
  • Watery nose and frequent sneezing.
  • Body skin felt itchy
  • Chest pain.

Get doctor’s treatment and advice at nearest clinic if you have these signs
and symptoms.

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