Reason Why Do We Always Feel Tired as We Get Older

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A tired person sleep.

Always feel tired?

If you always feel tired, it may rooted from your heart and the Q10 coenzyme (CoQ10) that is needed by it. Heart has the size of about a your gripped fist and it constitutes of special muscle tissues.

Heart muscle tissue is an amazing thing and it is only found at only one place, which is in the heart. Not like other two types of muscle, voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles, heart muscles do not know to rest and are never tired pumping blood to the whole body through the 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Heart beats about 72 beats per minute and 100,000 beats per day nonstop as long as you are still alive. This is one hard work and to do this job your heart requires a lot of energy.

Getting the energy needed is not a problem when we are still young. Our body produces all the energy needed by our heart. But when we are increasingly getting older, our enzyme system started to be slow, and the amount of energy supplied to the heart is getting decreased. As such, when our age hit 50s and 60s, our heart are noticeably experiencing lack of energy.

When your heart does not get enough energy, of course it will not be able to pump blood efficiently throughout the arteries, veins and capillaries, which totals up to 60,000 miles.

These blood vessels accommodate your entire body organs and trillions of cells by supplying the needed oxygen and nutrients at all time.

If the cells and those organs do not get sufficient oxygen and nutrient needed, the first symptom that will happen is you will feel weak and tired. If this condition is let to continue, you will probably become ill.

As such, if you complained that you are not as energetic as before, your problem may probably comes from your heart condition which does not get the enough energy it needs. Photo credit: Sarah G…

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