Eczema – A Scaly Skin Irritation

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Skin disease! Its does not sound scary but it is surely frightening if you yourself suffer it or seeing a person suffering from it. Skin disease is frightening not because of pain undergone but because it stands out externally and it affect an individual appearance.

Most skin diseases are harmless and rarely life-threatening. However, the presence of any skin disease will definitely become worries for daily life, not only because it is causing discomfort but also make a person feels inferior to mix in the society.

A patient with serious eczema on facial skin.Skin of eczema sufferer is easily infected especially by S. aureus bacteria or virus such as Herpes Simplex.

When discussing on  skin problem, the first thing people might think is some to do with women’s beauty. However, what author wish to present this time is about skin problem, especially atopic eczema which now attacks one of every five children.

If you are a parent or relative to eczema patient, doubtlessly you will understand it is something which is difficult to face. Even though it does not threaten life, patient that live uncomfortably ‘in his or her own skin’ of course is difficult to undergo good quality of life like others.

Furthermore, less precise diagnosis also found given to eczema atopic patient by doctor that does not have the expertise in skin disease, causing the treatment given become ineffective. There are also patients who stick with assumption that it is just dry skin problem and only get their medicine from pharmacy without meeting the doctor.

Eczema, dermatitis, atopic eczema

Eczema, is also known as dermatitis, comes from Greek’s word which means ‘boiling over’ which reflect it sense on eczema skin.

Eczema includes a number of skin problems which is commonly found, from those the lightest up to the worst, and estimated 30 to 35 percent of patients referred to hospitals affected by eczema.

Atopic eczema also is the most occurred eczema type  but the cause of it is still unclear. Genetic factor and environment said to play role in the occurrence of skin problem.

Eczema is a penalizing disease; like diabetes; because it is chronic and extended for a long period of time.

This disease may cause a child to be unable to go to school up for months due to exposure to hot weather, dust and sweat while his or her parents may be forced to take leave to look after their child that have severe eczema.

However, this condition usually does not prolong for lifelong. It is estimated two thirds of eczema patient will gradually recovered when they grow to adults, mostly at around 18 years old.

Atopic eczema is also associated with other atopic diseases like asthma and allergic rhinitis. Milk rash used to be seen in infants is among early sign of eczema problem, especially if the baby’s parents suffer atopic disease or other allergy.

The number of eczema’s cases now is on the rise especially among children. This disease is found a lot in developing countries, mostly in urban areas. There are hypothesis which link this problem with the level of cleanliness practiced.

The ‘too clean’ society is said have been preventing the child from exposure to certain element to develop immunity at the early stage. If immunity on allergy is not formed from the early stage, then interaction impact with allergen later on will become worse (the person will become hypersensitive).

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