Handling Eczema Campaign

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Among the thing that to be achieve through this campaign is to voice the increase in eczema cases worldwide, its impact to socio-economy of the country and to stress the importance of accurate diagnosis to distinguish eczema with other skin diseases, besides determining the level of eczema experience by each patient.

A right diagnosis will determine the type and effectiveness of a given treatment. Eczema is a punitive disease for the family and patient. As such, parents have to understand the circumstances faced by their child and not just scold them because they scratching their itchy skin.

However not all eczema patients having to live with it lifelong, between 40 to 50 percent of eczema patients in the West slowly recovered at near age of 10 years old.

This shows than half of eczema’s patients will be able to control their skin problem better before entering secondary school. For the other half of eczema’s patient, they also can control this problem better but will require more efforts to avoid triggering eczema due to irritants or allergens.

Do not treat eczema’s patient differently

For those who do not have eczema then, do not treat eczema’s patient differently. It is not easy to live with uncomfortable sense with our own skin, and imagine that you are locked in the uncomfortable skin.

It is a proud for the patient who can continue to live with the disease faced and it is noble to healthy individual to accept them in his life.

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