Leave Your Zits Alone

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A girl popping her zits.

Yes, it is sure very tempting to pop those pimples out, but if you do a lousy job and the pimple ruptures inside, spreading under your skin, you are going to have the largest zit in the world in about a day.

Popping zits is not usually a good idea unless you are really good at it and know what you are doing. Just wait long enough and you will see it come out on its own. And definitely do not do it when it is a red lump.

Blackheads, which are plugged pores, react well to gentle cleansing. Exfoliating agents with alphahydroxy acids or retinols are able to help release blackheads. With time they will open up and disappear. You can try using blackhead strips, especially for the nose. However do not use them for more than a week because overusing the blackhead strips can cause a rash.

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