Mole Removal; Consult Your Dermatologist First

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While most moles are completely benign, your dermatologist is the professional who is the best able to decide if your brown spot is indeed benign, cancerous (malignant melanoma) or a potentially precancerous mole (dysplastic nevus). Also many brown spots are not moles.

Mole removal for “appearance purpose” can be done in a variety of ways, namely with a scalpel, “punch” biopsy (a rounded cutting tool), laser or a combination of the above. The best method to remove a mole depends on its size, location on the body and individual characteristics. There is no single “best” method to remove benign moles. It is important to know whenever a mole is removed, there will be a scar. When performed by an experienced professional, the scar will be a significant cosmetic improvement and may be virtually imperceptible.

It is important to know that an accurate mole diagnosis may be difficult even for a dermatologist. You should consult one first before having your mole removal.

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