Sugar Has It Own Benefits

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A spoon of sugar.Sugar is often associated with causes of various diseases especially diabetes. But not many know that sugar also has it own benefits.

Not in term of use in foods or drinks, because if excessively use, it can bring harms. Sugar has it own benefits in beauty especially in skin beauty treatments.

It must be reminded that sugar does not contain any vitamin and fiber, and only contain a small amount of minerals.

The calorie content on the other hand is quite high, around 394 kcal per 100 gram of the ingredient. It can be said that sugar does not have any nutrient at all because all valuable substances like vitamins, minerals and others permanently lost during the process of making the white sugar.

In beauty, the use of sugar has long been practiced by the ancient people as one of natural healings. Sugar can be processed to become various beauty products especially to soften skin. It is said to have softening essence which can clean away dead skin cells.

The Romanians as an example use mixture of honey, sugar and milk for skin treatment. The method is by mixing those ingredients and then it smeared on the body. After the mixture has dried, it is scrubbed then rinsed with water.

Ancient Egyptian women on the other hand used the mixture of organic sugar and lemon as scrubber to get fine, white and soft skin.

In Chinese medicine, rock sugar is often being mixed with herbal drinks that are good for health. It is said beneficial in helping getting rid of body heat and also relieving cough and phlegm.

Try it for yourself, you will notice the benefits of sugar in everyday life!

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