The Treatment for Eczema

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Basic principle of eczema treatment

The basic principle of eczema treatment is to avoid the irritants or allergens which can worsen the condition. Eczema treatment which given is also specialized according to the state and needs of each individual patient.

The treatment given will not cure the eczema 100 percent but more to the effort of controlling the patient’s skin condition to enable them to have higher quality of life.

The main purpose of treatment is to stop the ‘itchy, scratching, itchier and more scratching’ cycle. This will provide the opportunity for the skin to recover and rebuild its defense.

Optimum treatment planning involves several parts to defuse the dry, swollen, itchy or infected skin condition simultaneously.

The main purpose of treatment is to stop the ‘itchy, scratching, itchier and more scratching’ cycle.

The use of moisturizer becomes the basic of patient’s skin care to help lock the moisture and soften the skin again. Moisturizer also were said can help in reducing crack, dryness in skin and defuses the irritation.

Steroid cream treatment

Beside that, steroid cream spread also needed to reduce the reddishness on patient’s skin. There are over 100 types of steroid cream spread on market with different level of strength.

The medicine intake must be taken with advice and prescription from doctor, especially for children to avoid steroid poisoning. Steroid cream spread also only may be given in certain distance period according to patient’s eczema condition instead of continuously given for a long time.

Steroid medication must be given with care because this medicine could also give adverse impact to skin if it is used too much.

Steroid cream spread is absorbed greater at folded skin part, young or old skin, facial skin, genitals area (up to 100 times) and diseased skin such as with eczema.

If it usage is not controlled, this medicine could give adverse effect to the infected area or to the body system.

Among side effect if this medicine is mistakenly used are skin atrophy, damaged vein (Telangiectasia), skin easily get swollen, skin become weak to germs infection, allergic dermatitis, acne, skin increasingly become hairy, cataract and glaucoma in the eyes.

Steroid medication is only for short-term use and considered ineffective anymore if its use is still needed for more than three weeks. Calcineurin inhibitor is among purportedly to be a safe alternative medicine for steroid to treat eczema.

As for handling germs infection problem, antibiotic and steroid cream spread mixture can be applied according with doctor’s advice. This is especially to fight against Staphylococcus Aureus bacterial infection which found a lot in eczema skin.

Other treatment

Apart from that, there are also different drugs such as itch medication or antihistamine that can be used to reduce itchiness, especially at night.

For patients who need specialist treatment, they may have to be admitted into ward where the eczema can be treated using different techniques such as phototherapy or PUVA to reduce the patient’s skin problem.

There are new discoveries that may aid in the effort to understand and handle eczema. Breast milk lactation and probiotic intake by pregnant mother can possibly delay or help to reduce eczema problem.

This is still being studied but result of 18 early studies has shown that there are links between breast feeding in the first three month after baby are born and the protection from atopic eczema.

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