The Trigger of Eczema

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Trigger is not the cause a patient to suffer eczema but it is an element or irritant which made patient eczema to worsen.

Irritant from patient’s environment may cause eczema increasingly to boil over, but this can be cure after several days if the material is avoided from the patient and cleaned from his skin.

A small patch of eczema skin, magnified.Scratching make eczema worse.

Among usual irritants found are including metal, fabric, detergent and particular chemical material. Some patients also may be forming allergy on particular substances (allergen) such as dust mite, pet saliva, fur, pollen and may even certain food which might worsen eczema.

Certain allergen introduction in patient’s body will start the body immunity system reaction.

This reaction may will aggravate the eczema state. Patient’s skin may take a little time to heal although after the allergen is cleaned from the patient’s body.

Patient who experience medium or severe eczema is suggested to undergo allergy screening test for food. This allergy causing food is also only the trigger and not the cause of the patient to suffer eczema.

Doctor can provide eating refraining guidance for the patient to follow based the mentioned test result but must ensure the patient does not become deficient of essential nutrient which the body needs.

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