Sleep Disorder Can Lead to Car Accidents

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According to a study, individuals who suffer from a common sleep disorder are much more prone to be involved in a road accident than other drivers.

A car accident. Severely damaged car.
Sleepy drivers have caused many road accidents.

The research, done by a research team from Burgos, Spain, says that people with sleep apnea – a condition that causes irregular breathing and snoring – are seven times more probable to crash than other drivers.

While in United Kingdom, a poll done shows that up to 11% of drivers admit to have fallen asleep while driving.

Sleep apnea is caused by the throat temporarily closing during sleep. The sleeper wakes violently because of lack of oxygen and suffocating.

This condition, which is more frequent in overweight people, can cause severe tiredness because insufficient sleep time.

Sleep apnea can be identified only by monitoring the way a person sleep.

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