Diagnosis for Uncontrollable Urination, Urinary Incontinence

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The diagnosis for urinary incontinence are as follow.

Keeping a Urine Diary. Dr. Shah Reza a gynaecologist at University of Science Malaysia Hospital, said, women who are suspected suffering this situation will be requested to record how many times they go to the toilet, type of drink they take, what was done to cause the leakage or frequency to urinate.

“The volume of urine is also studied. Before that, health history shall be examine to make sure there was no external factor to become the cause. Others include pelvic examination, anatomical variation study or any injury which may have happened.”

Other Tests

Stress Test. You will be requested to cough and leakage of urine is recorded.
Dye Test. Safe dye admitted into the bladder and in case the dye is spotted at sanitary towel used, it means there’s leakage.
Urodynamic Test. Test of the volume and pressure in bladder during urine collection within it. The bladder vacating rate is also examined.
Sistoscopy. A special visual device to view the condition inside bladder.

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