Types of Urinary Incontinence and Its Complications

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These are several types of urinary incontinence and its complications

Tension / stress Incontinence. Happen to young women when the pressure in urine bladder exceeded pressure in urethra causing urine leakage when one sneeze, cough or laugh. Leakage can also occur during walk, running or aerobic exercise. The cause is, the bladder muscles or muscles in urethra has weakened.

Urge Incontinence. Happened possibly because the woman bladder is being overactive or also because the nerves sends signals to bladder. This causes you to not able to go the bathroom in time when feeling the urge to urinate.

Mixed Incontinence. When inability factor merge with stress and extreme urge, leakage happened either to one or both phase.

Spill Incontinence. Happens when bladder muscles were inactive or obstruction happened to urethra, urinating become incomplete and not being satisfied. The volume of urine which is still considerably high is causing leakage to happen.

Functional factor. May be caused by health problem which prevents the woman from hurrying to the bathroom. Among others, the stated problems perhaps are because of arthritis, stroke, nerve system disease, movement and coordination problem (for example, difficulty to walk).

Complications of Urinary Incontinence

Extreme desire to urinate although the volume of urine is not yet adequate, sometimes being followed by hip tension.

Have to go the toilet repeatedly more than your normal, feels like unsatisfied urge to urinate.

Have to get up some time night to urinate.

Experience painful urination process.

Micturate, unnoticed bed-wetting while asleep.

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