What Cause the Uncontrollable Urinating or Urinary Incontinence

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These are conditions which may caused the urinary incontinence:

Bladder infection. Signs of disease such as pain to urinate, often going to the toilet and also could be presence of blood in urine. Bladder and urethra infection also commonly happens to women because of their anatomy’s structure. Don’t worry, this can easily be treated.

Strength of pelvic organ supporter tissues. This may be because of age factor, many child births and may also because of the birth process itself, sooner or later will weaken the supporter tissues at hip. This results a disruption toward the anatomy which has become unparalleled.

Illustration showing comparison of weak pelvic muscles and strong pelvic muscles.
Weak pelvic muscles and strong pelvic muscles. – image from NIH

Urinary duct system abnormality. Maybe because of the presence of fistula: an abnormal opening from urinary system into the vagina. This happened possibly because of pelvic surgery, birth process, radiation therapy, and hip and urine excretory system cancer.

Neuromuscular problems. Happens when signal from the brain and spinal cord does not communicate with bladder and urethra organs. Conditions like diabetes and stroke are usual examples for this to happen.

Particular drug use. Diuretic drugs which are used as in the treatment of heart diseases or high blood pressure will cause the urine volume to increase rapidly.

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