Five Eye Myths

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Misunderstandings about how to maintain proper eye health can leave you seeing double.

Myth 1: Carrots improve your eyesight.
Fact: Carrots contain Vitamin A, which contributes to healthy eyes but you need only a small amount of Vitamin A for good sight.

Myth 2: An improper prescription or over-the-counter reading glasses can damage your eyes.
Fact: It may be hard to see with the wrong prescription but it won’t hurt your eyes.

Myth 3: Artificial sweeteners can hurt your eyes.
Fact: The cyclamates in artificial sweeteners can make your eyes more sensitive to light, as can some antibiotics, oral contraceptives, hypertension, diuretic and antidiabetic medications.

Myth 4: Nightlights cause nearsightedness.
Fact: This was reported a few years back, but recent studies have found no evidence to back up the claim.

Myth 5: If you sit too close to the TV you’ll go blind.
Fact: There’s no evidence sitting too close to a TV or computer screen will harm your eyes.

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