Reshaping of Cornea by Laser Eye Treatment

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Reshaping of Cornea by Laser Eye Treatment

Retina and Lens of the EyeNote: This article is the continuation of Restoring the Freedom of Eye Sight.

Compared to other bladeless LASIK procedures, patients who uses this system goes through the flap creation and corneal reshaping in just one step.

Other LASIK methods require transferring patients from flap creation machine to the excimer laser machine (to reconstruct the cornea).

This combined system for the laser refractive surgery only requires turning the patients bed 180 degrees from the VISUMAX Femtosecond Laser machine to MEL 80 excimer laser machine in just one step.

The technology also does not require high suction pressure on the eye for corneal flap formation compared with old method which causes temporary vision loss to the patient resulted from high pressure to the eyes.

Apart from patient does not have to get up and move between the two machines involved, the laser system used also is safe with eye movement monitoring. Laser beam will follow small eye movements and will stop immediately should a big movement occur. To be sure of most accurate treatment and for best results, the operating theater temperature is also controlled between 18 to 24°C and the level of humidity is under 50 percent.

Current statistic shows that more than 95 percent of patients achieve at least 20/40 level of eyesight or better after a LASIK surgery.

That level allows them to drive legally and is well enough for most sports and other activities.

95 percent of the patients are free from use of eyeglasses or contact lens and majority of them can carry on with life without any aid of vision device.

Eyesight recovery is dependent to refractive error level undergone before the surgery and can achieve the perfect vision of 20/20 if refractive error level is low. Patient who has high refractive error on the other hand may require glasses or contact lens usage for best eyesight to drive or read.


Recovery of eyesight level happened almost instantaneous after the LASIK eye surgery is completed while corneal flap layer full recovery need between one to three months.

Most recovery eyesight level of patient will happen in the first few days after the LASIK procedure is conducted.

Patient is advised to stay away from water activity for a while and avoid shock or rubbing their eyes during the first four weeks.

Some patients’ eyesight may be slightly fuzzy in the first few days but it will become better.

Level of eyesight may also differ in particular time in a day, for few weeks, but most of the patients will get distinct vision within short period of time. With the accurate application of VISUMAX Femtosecond Laser, some very thin cornea case also may undergo the LASIK procedure.

Correction made through the procedure also said to last for years long, although vision declination still continues with the increase of age. This gives normal level of eyesight to the patient like other individuals and also allows them to involve in some particular job field which requires perfect level of eyesight.

LASIK eye surgery is safe and many have succeeded in the operation. This surgery starts with the patient is smiling and ended, only after several minute, also with a smile in the patient’s face.

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