Restoring the Freedom of Eye Sight

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EYE and sight! Generally, eyesight is mostly connected with the ability of a person to see or not (blind). However, how about those who are not blind but do not have a clear vision?

Day by day more people in the world suffer eyesight problem, mostly shortsightedness or farsightedness and astigmatism (caused by irregularly shaped cornea). This not yet added with particular disease which resulted to declination or loss of the sense of sight.

Actually not easy to visualize how an individual with sight difficulty or astigmatism sees the world. To be between of able and unable to see give a great pressure in a person’s life, especially if the vision is too blurry until he just can only see something if it moves.

For so long, this problem has been corrected by using eyeglasses or contact lens. However, this still means that the individual involved are tied with the usage of vision aid device which might have to be used all the time for a clear vision.

Imagine what will happen if the eyeglasses or contact lens fall off or lost while driving, swimming or in a remote place. For those who experience severe shortsightedness or astigmatism, this is no big difference from suddenly being blind in ‘a bright light’.

Apart from that, there are also those who are not suitable wearing glasses or experience allergic reaction to the material of their lens or eyeglasses. For that, there is a high demand to return their sight to normal vision, or at least enable their daily movement freedom.

Returning to Normal

No matter whether for freeing from dependency or cost saving of vision aid device, medical, cosmetic or increasing the quality of life, recovery of visual sense to the normal level is something which is greatly needed. Technological developments since the 1950s have led to the discovery of laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis treatment (LASIK), which is increasingly growing each year.

Advancing from the use of knife to laser usage, LASIK eye surgery is now the most popular laser surgical procedure to optimize the sense of sight. LASIK uses laser on the corneal curve and becoming a choice because of fast recovery period and less complication and side effect compared with other refractive operations.

LASIK procedure will make lasting change by removing particular internal corneal tissue section to treat nearsightedness or farsightedness and astigmatism. The corneal reshaping will increase the light focus in retina and then will optimize the sense of sight.

Before the corneal internal structure reconstruction is made, a cut on the upper layer of the cornea (flap) must be done and shall serve as a ‘natural bandage’ to cover the corneal tissue middle part of the after the operation completed. However, the usage of knife or blade to make this corneal flap before this has caused many to be afraid to have LASIK eye surgery.

For that, bladeless LASIK surgery that uses the latest VISUMAX Femtosecond Laser System technology was introduced. This system was introduced by Carl Zeiss Meditec a few years ago.

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